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FREE No Commercial/AD Page PLAYBACK WITH FREE PANDORA Internet Radio.

PANDORA is available for when you are at your computer at work, home or in the airport for several hours and suddenly want to hear a song or artist and continue with something similiar to that sound. You can visit and use the application without even signing up. Just follow the top page directions to start the song based on your input and continuing answers to queries. Eventually your first song becomes a RADIO STATION and the rest of the songs generate similiar artists and songs based on algorithyms of melody, vocal, pitch and rates.

You can record your first input and listen by signing up a short and simple form to receive a username, password and account for log-in.

Your first station of 100 stations based on song or artist, and continuing the generation of similiar art for that station, collect or stack. Starting with two stations you can MIX IT UP. Two styles of station will start to intertwine the playback for more variety. With each additional station you increase the variety your ears will be receiving for hours and hours of playback.

An account page that saves songs and other information includes a site-user comparison to others with interests in same stations. You can send an message to Friend.

This is simply good music and playback is amazingly crisp and clear and very wide acoustically.

This is also a simple station to use and a force in building a music community.

Try it out.  More often you will hear a good selection of the songs or selections by artist that strikes your mood. Perhaps more than last.fm but the risk of juggling variety and extensive catalogue of decades of music hasn't poppped into my headphones at last.fm.

I have not discovered any charts keeping track of top songs, for site or indiviuals. Maybe just need to search more.


A LIKE/LIKE Radio with little community-building effort.

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